Sean Kingston – Fire Burning (One Minute Rule)

28 05 2009

"I took the cookies from the cookie jar."

Alright. Maybe this one will be a winner. I have to say, I was a sucker for Sean Kingston’s other song “Beautiful Girls” after hearing it in the clubs in Tokyo. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what Sean has to offer this time around. I don’t know too much about this guy but I kind of like his style. Today we’ve got his new tune “Fire Burning” which is currently #18 on the Billboard top 100. Let’s go!

My first thought is “fuck yeah.” I’m 8 seconds in and so far so good. I could see this being a good club song. We’ve got a guy yelling some Jamaican stuff in the beginning which is always exciting, even if it is phony Jamaican stuff. The synths have a pretty fat sound which is also cool. But, again with the auto-tune. Antares better save their money for the day this stuff comes crashing down all around them. Moving on to the 15 second mark and we get some strange filtered vocals which are pretty cool. I’m still on board for this one.

We get the beat coming in at about 18 seconds and it’s a lot different from what I expected. Gonna need to hear that again. Ok. It’s a bit too Daft Punk-y to fit this song but I’m gonna say I’m still on board. I was expecting to hear something much grittier. This sounds like a Jock Jams commercial. Perhaps Kingston is more of a sell-out than I initially thought.

At 25 seconds we get the first verse right on cue. Of course this a dance song and I don’t expect to have any insight on the human condition, but these lyrics are pretty atrocious. “Shawty got that supa thang, hotter than the sun in the south of Spain.” It’s like he’s just going through a checklist of slang to use: Shawty…check. Thang…check. Poppin’…we’ll see. Do I need to prepare myself to hear someone say “Fo shizzle” in 2009?

So it’s pretty much the same until about 40 seconds in. Looks like we have a change here. Maybe a pre-chorus or dare I say, a chorus. Ok, so I guess this is a pre-chorus. I think I heard him say “Birthday cake” somewhere in there. I don’t know what that’s all about. And right before our cutoff time at 55 seconds we find out that the chorus is the mildly interesting part in the beginning that I thought was only the intro. Something about calling 911, perhaps because of the fire that’s been burning this poor shawty for the past 60 seconds.

Verdict: Kill dem round boi!!!1!!




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AZprNc Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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