Pleasure P – Boyfriend #2 (One Minute Rule)

30 05 2009


While scrolling down the top 100 I found a guy who name is Pleasure P. Of course I had to see what all that was about. Today’s song is called “Boyfriend #2” and is currently at the #47 spot on Billboard. I’m pretty tired as I write this so we’ll see if that’s gonna help or hurt our new friend Pleasure P. Here we go.

Haha. Oh man. Alright, this is gonna be good. This dude is no joke. Straight out of the gate he proclaims “I really wanna fuck that bitch.” I might actually like this guy. 5 seconds in now and P has already stated his intentions of lovemaking in no uncertain terms. We’ve also got some really cool delayed synths in the mix that sound like “Simply Having  A Wonderful Christmas Time.” 10 seconds in now and I have to say, I’m really digging this song. It’s well produced and I also like the handclaps and general laid back vibe of the song. I know it’s probably funnier if I hate the song, but this isn’t too bad.

Alright, so lots of profanity leading up to the 18 second mark. I’m not sure how it would come across on regular radio. Right at 18 seconds we get a surprise chorus or pre-chorus. Still not sure yet. It seems like the handclaps are carrying the momentum of the song so they put some tasteful bubbly sounding drums underneath. He’s got a repeating vocal line here as well in the form of “Freak freak freak” which I’m also liking.

I’m now 30 seconds in and the repeating “Freak” line is being used again with the word “See.” Something this repetitive could’ve easily gone bad like Jeremih’s tune, but I see nothing wrong with it here. I could see this being a lot of fun in a club setting.

I was thinking that the song could use an MC on it to keep things moving and that’s exactly what I got at 34 seconds. But, I’m not really liking this guy’s voice. I’m not sure if this is a guest appearance on the song or if Pleasure P is pulling double duty here by singing and rapping. Hopefully this doesn’t sour the song for me. The MC has a bit of southern style, but he’s not really doing anything innovative. Just the typical stuff that you would expect from a radio song.

There are some harder hitting snares now in place of the handclaps now that sound pretty run of the mill. They could’ve come from any random sample cd. I’m at the 50 second mark and the MC is still going. I’m still on the fence about “Boyfriend #2” after this MC relieved himself all over this otherwise decent song. Let’s see what the last 10 seconds have in store. Ok, the rap continues until 58 seconds and then we realize that we get another solid chorus coming back in.

Verdict: Pleasure P? More like Whack MC, amirite?




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