YouTube Comments: Politics

30 05 2009


YouTube allows people from all over the world to share thoughts and ideas and opens up a social dialog about a myriad of subjects. What could possibly go wrong? Today I’m looking at political related YouTube videos to find the top 5 worst comments.

  1. PooJiraiya: “wow, she is truly a political prostitute who gives mc cain a blowjob everyday. she is most most stupidest politician ever!!!!!!!!!”
  2. staplesInk: “ok not all amis are idiots…but the most…and fat oh my god so fu**in’ fat ^^”
  3. cammbs123: “You seem to know a lot about McCain. Can you enlighten me as to Oamas credentials?”
  4. EwakAmerica: “YOU’RE A HAIRY LESBO”
  5. askaninjafan: “mccains head is shaped like a pear. I HATE HIM”



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