YouTube Comments: Religon

1 06 2009


For the YouTube comments segments I figured we should get the biggies out of the way first like cats and politics. Thus, it only seems right that today we look at the insightful comments from YouTube users regarding religious videos.

  1. TheSilenceofnature: “20 cristianity says that jesus sacrificed himself for his beople so whatever people do thaey would go to paradise?? why doyou start murderingpeople,lie ,kill ,cheat-you will stillgo to paradise…think???”
  2. livardo: “I’m imagining a huge bowl with club sandwich quarters floating in the soup.”
  3. SpaceCheese69: “smart man atheist? try and beat me in a game smart man atheist, then we will see who is owned.”
  4. EBKCuz: “Yall retardes! All yall wanna do is fight like Africans cuz yall have a fucked up life n country wit stricted rules from a dictator leaders! There will be no peace in the middle east n africa cuz yall just like 2 fucking fight!”
  5. JibyZiby: “shut the fuck up!”



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