YouTube Comments: The Recession

3 06 2009

Wall Street

In these oh so tough economic times in this economy and day and age for what it’s worth at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, surely someone can make sense of the recession. Let’s see what advice YouTube users can impart to help us get back on track.

  1. SexSoilCigarettes: “damnit ron paul! How do I get drinks served to me by robots on the beach! Come on Ron! Robots??? Where are the Robotos Ron? We need the government to buy the robots because it’s something the state governments just can’t produce on their own.”
  2. specialtaskforceswat: “I was in that line. i was wearing shorts and i shat myself because of how nervous i was and it smelled really bad”
  3. HbrwIsrealitesUnite: “BUSH is a Zionist JEW he eat babies to gain power and saccrificed thousands of innocent civilians in his devil worshiping deeds.”
  4. tejano2828: “atleast we don’t pay 10 euros per a gallon of gas…stick to your own videos you crooked teeth motherfuckers…”
  5. YesToIndividualism: “Freedom is popular!”



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