Bowerbirds – Northern Lights (One Minute Rule)

4 06 2009

Don't laugh, her dog just died.

Today I’d thought we’d switch up the One Minute Rule segment a bit from the Billboard Top 100 and check out some recommendations from an equally loathable site, Pitchfork. For those who aren’t in the know about Pitchfork, they’re a website devoted to all things pertaining to the world of indie-rock elitists, while being seemingly completely unaware of how indie-rock elitist they are. Now, I know I have a tendancy to enjoy some strange music sometimes, but these guys consistently take it too damn far and are too damn proud about doing it.

Today’s song is “Northern Lights” by a band called Bowerbirds. At the time I write this, “Northern Lights” is featured as a Best New Track on Pitchfork. Hitting play…now.

Ugh boy. I’m not sure if I should call them out for ripping off Dylan or not properly tuning their guitar. Christ almighty. We’ve had 10 seconds of random chords, yet no direction. These guys are just running in place. They’re doing the doggie paddle. I suppose writing a song that is the least bit organized just wouldn’t be indie enough. Do people still say Indie? I don’t even know anymore. What I do know is, is that I may have to do more songs from Pitchfork though now.

We got vocals at 12 seconds and this dude sounds a lot like Ryan Adams. That’s not a compliment. These lyrics are almost the complete opposite of the Billboard stuff. Instead of the mindless “Shawty…feel bad…get sad” stuff we heard before, now we’ve got some dude saying “I don’t need a waterfall of careless praise.” What is that? You know who else doesn’t need a waterfall of careless praise? Me. It wouldn’t hurt to put down the Kerouac for a second and get out a bit buddy.

It looks like we have a chorus at 35 seconds. Ah damn. I had hope there for a second. I actually liked the harmonies they had and the piano was a nice touch, but they flamed out so quick. Haha. Oh man. That part lasted for literally 4 seconds and they just stopped playing it. I was really ready to change my mind and be nice. After that, they piddle around a bit, do the cool harmony again real quick, and then throw in some piano.

Verdict: That girl in the band creeps me the hell out.




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30 06 2009
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[…] Minute Rule. It was a fun journey checking out “music” by groups like Passion Pit and Bowerbirds, but I prefer my shit sugar-coated as opposed to all Pabst-soaked and vegan-y. I will however […]

16 12 2009

this is probably the most worthless blog I’ve ever read… do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

17 12 2009

A single period denotes the end of a sentence. Multiple periods denote stupidity on the part of the user. Furthermore, sentences begin with capital letters.

26 02 2010

random chords? tuning the instrument?
that guitar is a whole step down from e.
random chords being g c em?
you’re not quite “on,” are you?
i don’t use capitals.
if you paid more attention to what you were writing about, and less about your grammar, perhaps you would have more readers.

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