Nuuro – The Reddest Ruby

4 06 2009


The Reddest Ruby is the latest full-length offering from Venezulan electronic-pop-experimental artist Nuuro. The 11-track album is great from start to finish and is available in iTunes or from his site for free. Having heard an assortment of Nuuro’s songs in the past, it seemed that despite being a gifted songwriter, he was still trying to discover his own sound in terms of consistency. The Reddest Ruby however is a cohesive work full of swirling 8-bit tones, rich synths, and ethnic percussion with a sound that is uniquely Nuuro’s.

With the exception of the track, “Avila,” this album is a vast departure from his previous uptempo pop songs. Most of the songs on Reddest Ruby are structured simply and frequently use atmospheric soundscapes that include tropical birds and laughing children. All of those elements combine to make a perfect hybrid of the playfulness of Hot Chip or Gorillaz with Radiohead’s tendency to experiment.

Where Nuuro truly excels on this album is in the simplicity and catchyness of the vocal melodies. Rather than complicate the relaxing tone of the record with a rigid verse-chorus-verse structure, Nuuro will often only sing one sentence throughout an entire song. Songs like “Six Vespers” and “Stone Girl” are perfect examples of this. Taking this into consideration, Nuuro managed to make a very ambient record perfect for a late night drive without being overly self-indulgent or aimless.

Here is one of the stand out tracks on The Reddest Ruby called “Avila.” Nuuro’s Myspace page is here.




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