YouTube Comments: The Hadron Collider

4 06 2009


Let’s face it, science is tricky stuff. You got your string theory, osmosis, magnets, and lab coats. That’s why today I’m hoping that the fine users of YouTube can help us to understand the Hadron Collider a little better. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. AntiVen0mFangX: “Fuck, I hope the combine don’t end up taking over our planet. BREEEEEEEEEN!!!! hehe”
  2. syntax128: “Anyway, to be able to awake Spirit, must be given energy!!!”
  3. rockoff50: “WTF, when are they gonna fire that mutha up??”
  4. crippleinaccident: “dude. H A D R O N .. u gotta get ur mind off dicks and into school or something”
  5. bcosten2007: “what are you talking about?”



5 responses

5 01 2010

Hah! Einstien was wrong E = KaBoom!

30 03 2010

Ahahaha… aren’t humans so darn smart?

4 04 2010

And here we are in April of 2010, after is was fired and no sh*t has happened. Seriously. Stfu and talk about something else jeez…

6 07 2010

HAHAHA… memories… remember when we all died? good times

14 07 2010

Hardon Collider? lol.

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