YouTube Comments: The Stanky Leg

6 06 2009

stanky leg

The stanky leg is the new dance craze sensation that’s sweeping the nation! So, if you’re still crankin’ that you gotta step your game up old man. Let’s see what people on YouTube have to say about it.

  1. WHOIIZDOUGHBOII: “fuck it everything is changing iidc about music n e more iidk y people are all pissed off ova music liike if you can do better come out with your own shiit….songsz creatiive”
  2. stephenlequiretn: “duh have an life”
  3. chevysandgirls: “thats my cusan”
  4. btf1995: “im listening to this through my Wii internet”
  5. elvis4629: “nice raptors”



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