Drumlinezz – Global Music Project (Bangladesh)

7 06 2009


After making the introduction post about The Global Music Project, I set out to find some artists on Myspace and almost instantly called this project off. It seems that I drastically underestimated the tendency of Myspace bands to say that they are from foreign countries when in fact they’re from some shitty town in Iowa or something. I can’t really conceive of a reason why anyone would do something like that since it’s certainly not funny, and aside from me trying to do my little blog thing, they’re not ruining anybody’s day. Maybe this is some Truman show type shit where the whole world is against me.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce an amazing Drum & Bass artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh called Drumlinezz. It’s a solo project by Mikaile Ibrahim and he’s currently signed to indie label Corinthian Recordings. Having been a huge fan of Drum & Bass music since 1998 or so, I’ve heard a lot of good and bad artists and this guy went far and beyond what I expected when I hit play.


The Drumlinezz sound leans more towards the jazzy end of things which is great for long DnB listening sessions. Apparently he also makes Trip Hop music from time to time which also adds a bit of a soft touch to this otherwise often abrasive genre. However, he’s also not afraid to let things rip with an aggressive beat now and again like on “Deep Into Space And Back.” I’d say if I had to compare his sound to anyone else it would have to be DJ Marky.

Most songs seem to be sample heavy and skillfully structured. The best example of this is the tune “Hear Us” which features an exceptionally frantic beat, jazz samples, and some tasteful vocals. The song clocks in at about 6:30 and has plenty of peaks and valleys to keep it interesting the whole way through. Most of the songs also feature plenty of pads and synths to round out the sound.

Maybe there’s hope for The Global Music Project after all. Once again, the artist is called Drumlinezz and you can find their music at www.myspace.com/drumlynezz.




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