YouTube Comments: Ashton Kutcher

7 06 2009

Ashton Kutcher

Today’s post of the YouTube Comments segment is a test to see what I can search for on YouTube and still find horrendous comments. Feel free to leave any topics in the comment section for future posts for YouTube Comments. Here we go.

  1. Alenuchka1973: “It the surprising person, I respect with its and its family,”
  2. larserikhp: “are u a fucking retard?! Ashton Kutcher is just the coolest! you’re just a little loser who is jealous.. Many people who are celebrities are just normal people! drink beer, eat, poop, get drunk, meet friends.. grow up kid!”
  3. omareiah: “Ash ! Is this Ashton channel ? teel me”
  4. mikey9t8t3: “i signed up for twitter but dont understand it”
  5. NESSJAFG: “SIMS 3!!!”



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