YouTube Comments: David Cook

8 06 2009

david cook

I don’t really know too much about this guy but I’m hoping that the people on YouTube will be able to help me learn a little bit more about him. Here we go.

  1. pcmntitans: “i like yogurt”
  2. markymarkbb: “great singer also a physic awesome”
  3. Ashaangelpooh: “just luf this guy.. ma top 3!! he is awesome amazingly c00l with that awesome voice he hav”
  4. MonkeyLove4Eve: ”
    he got gina dreams of running away wrong that comes l8er in the song its gina works the dinner all day…he didnt realy knoe the song…lol!!!!!!but david cook is pretty kool…i liked david archuleta…i kinda felt a lil bad 4 him becausehe is so young and singing is like his dream.”
  5. mystro810: “You think You know more about Led Zeppelin than I do? You think you appreciate music more than I do?You are NOT a true Led Zeppelin fan. You being on earth longer than me is not a barometer for measuring the value of ones opinion. Music is my lifes passion and I will not stand idly by and watch it be defined by a bunch of glorified karaoke singers. I will spread my gospel through music and opinions of my own.And I dont need to bash American Idol to feel superior to its contestants and fans”



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