14 06 2009

I found out about while getting very deep into Encyclopedia Dramatica articles recently. Basically, Bash is a collection of quotes from IRC chat rooms, most of which are actually pretty funny. It wasn’t too long however before it became obvious that most of the quotes were probably not real, and many had kind of a “Grandpa Joke” kind of feel to them. Nonetheless, I think it’s still worth recommending for a quick laugh or two.

To give you more of a feel for as to what to expect, here are a few quotes from’s top 100-200:

#3630 +(5991) [X]

<blazemore> omg i love this song
<blazemore> Now playing: Unknown Artist – Track 2 @ 128 Kbps. (0:47/3:24)
<Javi> blazemore:  yeah, that’s a bad ass song

#115 +(6385) [X]

<BlackDeth> i like stalked this girl sorta 😀
<BlackDeth> like once she asked me for a ride home from work
<BlackDeth> and i took her home… i dropped her off at her house
<BlackDeth> and shes like… wait a did you know where i lived?

#197845 +(5948) [X]

<SRG> Metallica sold out in 45 mins :/
<NotOneOfUs> Yeah I know.
<NotOneOfUs> Oh wait
<NotOneOfUs> You mean, like, a concert?
<SRG> yes




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