16 06 2009

DeliciousI wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert online, but I do tend to keep up pretty well with the constant state of flux that is the Internet. One website I hear name dropped quite frequently is so I finally decided to check it out and was thoroughly confused, angry, and disappointed.

I know the above picture is cropped a bit, but if you right-click and “view image” you can see the rest of it. These are the results when I clicked on the “Music” tag on the site. I got four results. From every website on the Internet? Four results? It’s not like a searched for “Modern Techniques To Alter The Subconsciousness Of Your Household Pet.” It’s music.

Granted, Grooveshark is kind of a cool site, but what the hell am I supposed to do with “60+ Amazing Poster And Advertisement Tutorials?” Nothing that’s what. And the next one is iTuneMyWalkman? I don’t even know where I would buy an WalkMan in 2009 and if I did find one, I sure as shit wouldn’t take the time to figure out how to “iTune” it. I’d just go buy an iPod like a regular human being.

After reading the About section of the site, it says it lets people bookmark a website on the site so they can see it later which seems like an incredibly small niche market with a lot of prerequisites to fill.

  1. I’m not at my home computer.
  2. I just found an awesome website that I would like to visit again later.
  3. I don’t have a pen or paper to write down said website.
  4. Despite the fact that I’m already using a computer, there is absolutely no way that I can email the link to the site to myself.
  5. There is no way in hell I can remember anything about the site so that I can Google it when I get back home.

Until someone creates a website where I can keep all my favorite bookmarked websites saved on a different website so that I can access them when I return to my home computer I’m so screwed!!!1!




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