Golden Disko Ship – Global Music Project (Germany)

5 08 2009

Golden Disko Ship 2

Golden Disko Ship is an ambient/glitch solo artist named Theresa from Berlin, Germany. In the six songs currently available on her Myspace page you can expect to find a wide range of instruments including guitar, toys, viola, and glockenspiel. She appears to tour around Europe quite frequently so if you’re in the area you might be able to catch her. She isn’t currently signed to a label, but you can order CDs directly from her.

One of the most unique traits of Golden Disko Ship lies in their use of subtle surprises. Many of the songs feature short instrumental sections followed by a sudden burst of unintelligable lyrics in makeshift melodies and then an abrupt return to the instrumental. One of the stand-out tracks that demonstrates this is the digitally-chopped and acoustically haunting “you blurry dream,” which utilizes meditative repeating lyrics that remind me of “Forever Away” by John Frusciante.

The Golden Disko Ship sound varies between a semi-singer/songwriter style and full-on digital soundscapes. However, it is often impossible to distinguish one from the other when even the acoustic guitar tones are chopped without warning. It makes for an interesting take on incorporating modern technology into acoustic music.

Despite the abundance of electronic elements, there is also no shortage natural human emotion to be found either. Offbeat lyrics like “I was just thinking of chocolate when he called” and “I spent three days with my hair in my face” tap into something wonderfully odd that can only be found in the subconscious. Much in the same vein of Sigur Ros, the song “WinterPeopleBackInYourHoles” also finds something very natural through the use of electronic sounds.

To purchase an EP by Golden Disko Ship you can either send her a message through Myspace or visit Indie Berlin or Sopa.

Here is the video for one of my favorites called “girl as a slower ghostship.”




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5 08 2009
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