Felguk – Global Music Project (Brazil)

10 08 2009


It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between actual good House music and some dink cranking out random 4-on-the-floor trash from his bedroom. Sure, good music is good music, but I feel like House in particular has a wider breadth of what is acceptable, even when it comes to Internet radio airplay. In most cases it seems as though artists will just throw some randoms keys in and mix it with a semi-sultry female vocal and bam. There’s your new song. However, one surefire way to be sure that you’ve found a truly special House artist is if you can’t help but dance in your office chair while writing a blog post…which I’m doing.

Welcome to the world of Felguk, a Brazilian Electro-House group that I absolutely can not stop listening to. The group tours frequently and consists of Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky. They are current signed to the indie labels Plasmapool & BugEyed Records and have released a ton of albums and EPs which are available for purchase here.

The main thing that really catches my ear about Felguk is the sheer size of the music. It’s almost as if Dig Your Own Hole era Chemical Brothers teamed up with DJ Tiesto. In any given track there are a variety of deep and fat synths sounds constantly switching back and forth along with huge buildups that happen every 30 seconds or so. That combination alone is enough to keep anyone listening, but the real crux of their sound lies in the bounciness of the music. Damn near every sound is truncated to give it an irresistible hop that I don’t think I’ve ever heard in House before.

So far I’ve mostly discussed the House aspects of the Felguk, but they’re equally full of Electro goodness as well and their song “Fingertips” is the perfect example of this. After perusing a few songs on Myspace, probably one of the most Electro sounding things about the group is their tendency to use digitized vocal samples a la Euro-trashy-Electro. In the hands of any other group I would probably vote against it, but it really adds a lot to the Felguk sound. The other Electro aspect of the duo their choice of edgy and offbeat bass sounds and synths that sometimes lean towards just plain awesome noise.

Here are some links:
BeatPort (To purchase albums)
Official Website
BugEyed Records Myspace
Plasmapool’s Myspace

Here is a plain YouTube video for Felguk’s song “Do You Like Bass?”




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