Trash Picker

12 08 2009

It’s time for some more Serious Lunch!


Welcome To My Study

11 08 2009

Here’s one by Mitch Magee. I really like his style.

The Andy Rooney Game

9 08 2009

To play, you piece together the first and last sentence of his segments. Here’s one to get you started on your YouTube journey.

Bobby Needs A Date

8 08 2009

I’m not too sure what this is from, but I really like it.

“Knock knock. Who’s there? Trick or treat. Sex.”

Elephant Larry – At The Movies

15 07 2009

Super Devil. Who killed him? The electric car. Candy.

Snuff Box – Deaf Vocalist

10 07 2009


Rental Boys – Episode 1

5 07 2009

Here’s one I found that’s about two guys who work at a video rental store in Dublin, Ireland. Pretty good stuff.