23 05 2009


I found out about Cooliris while digging through the Firefox add-ons last month and I came across a gem called Cooliris and was instantly hooked. Like most good things, what it does is actually quite simple. After downloading Cooliris, a logo is placed on the upper right-hand corner of your browser. When visiting a site that is Cooliris friendly, it lights up and becomes clickable. After clicking the icon, a very modern Apple-esque window appears and you have a whole new way to see photos.

Cooliris works on a variety of websites and can handle both video and pictures, but so far I’ve really only been interested in using it for pictures. The reason why I love this add-on so much is because it’s one of the things that come along once in a while that you never thought you would need, but you have it you can’t imagine what it was like without it. The scrolling wall format is very similar to iTunes’ cover flow and will go on endlessly as long as there are more pictures available. Cooliris also works as a stand alone program which allows you to search YouTube, Flickr, and Google.

You can download the Cooliris add-on through the Firefox website here. There is also more information available at their website


Down Them All!

20 10 2008

Down Them All! is something of an anomaly in that it’s maybe one of my most useful yet least used Firefox extensions I have installed. When opened, it presents you with every link on a website, and just as the name implies, allows you to download every file with one click. Where it gets useful is in it’s filter function where you can choose to download only specific file types such as .mp3 or .pdf for example. In the four or five times that I’ve used it, it’s saved me from having to individually download 30 or so different .mp3 files from one site, which is an invaluable time saver.

Down Them All! is available here.

Adblock Plus

30 09 2008

Adblock Plus is one Firefox extension that may be a good enough reason on it’s own to start using Firefox if you’re not already. As the name implies, it blocks every advertisement from nearly every site on the web and does a damn good job of it too. After installing the basic extension, you then “subscribe” to a huge list of known file extensions for advertisements. You also have the option of creating your own list of ads you want to block as you surf. After using it for sometime, sites I usually visit are unbearable to look at without it.

I have heard some debate about the morals of using Ad Block Plus since it can cut into the revenue stream of websites that rely primarily on advertisements, but ultimately it’s your decision.

Ad Block Plus can be found here.

Fox Clocks

30 09 2008

Most of the Firefox extensions I use aren’t very flashy. They’re only tools to make my web experience that much simpler and Fox Clocks is no exception. Probably the most basic of all the extensions I use, Fox Clocks is simply a world clock that lists the times of any city in the world in the left hand side of your browser. For me it works great for keeping track of the various U.S. time zones when I need to call friends and family from Japan.

Fox Clocks is available here.

Foxy Tunes

25 09 2008

Foxy Tunes is a simple and popular Firefox extension that allows you to control any media player like iTunes or WinAmp among many others, right from the bottom right-hand corner of your browser without having to maximize your media player. The program has all of the expected features like skip, volume, etc. but it also has FoxyTunes Planet which takes you a site that has a combination of Wikipedia excerpts, YouTube videos, and much more. If you’re running Firefox and still haven’t tried out any extensions yet, Foxy Tunes is a great one to start out with.

Black Japan Max

25 09 2008

After trying a number of different Firefox themes, Black Japan Max is the one that I finally settled on. I’m not sure where the name came from however since it really has nothing to do with Japan, but it is in fact all black which is less taxing on the eyes during long browsing sessions. It also has a modern look to it as well which is quite appealing. You can download the theme here.