Ruth Ruth – Uninvited

6 08 2009

Here’s one just for fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if the video is taken off of YouTube in a couple months, but here ya go. “Uninvited” by Ruth Ruth.


Toto – Hold The Line

27 06 2009

“Horudo Da Lainu”

Tha Alkaholiks – Hip Hop Drunkies

20 06 2009

Here’s a classic from Tha Alkaholiks. I’m filing this one under the “Forgotten Treasures” tag which makes me feel pretty old. Rap changes so damn much though so I suppose it’s an accurate label.

AK1200 – Drowning

16 06 2009

I recently stumbled upon AK1200’s remix of Cleveland Lounge’s song called “Drowning” and it really took me back. I haven’t heard this song in probably 10 years or so.

A friend gave me this song on a mix CD in high school and I used to play it constantly. Aside from DJ Soul Slinger, AK1200 was one of the first few Drum & Bass artists that I knew about when I first got into it.

Wham! – Careless Whisper

2 06 2009

Gotta love that sax.

Shabba Ranks – Mr. Lover Man (NSFW)

30 05 2009

Show some goddamn respect. That’s Mr. Lover Man to you, sir.

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

19 12 2008

Apparently some ladies love James because he’s cool.