YouTube Comments: Transformers The Movie

8 08 2009


Now, I don’t know a whole lot about this movie since I haven’t been in America for about a year and a half now. From what I hear, they just made a 2 hour special cartoon version movie of that old cartoon called Transformers. So, in order to try to get some more info about this movie let’s turn to one of the most trusted sources of information on the Internet…YouTube comments.

  1. funnyflinstones: “i saw 1 2 their asome you should commet the funnyflinstons and commet us”
  2. djhenyo: “Fuck yes, best EVAR!!! DOZE TATAS were DA BOMB!!!1111”
  3. abhinav4567: “shittttt ass”
  4. narutowolf19: “alert your mother was link on line”
  5. BEASTLYrocker4: “LoL after i saw this movie i had this thought of Megan fox Sucking my Dick =D”

YouTube Comments: Little Man

17 06 2009

little man

I’m going for the easy ones now…first Norbit and now Little Man. Forget everything that you have ever learned about the English language and let’s jump in!

  1. smatcrew: “how can a livin thin believe that that man is a baby?hes olde than my grand dad???he got bold face….well its a movie anythin can happen”
  2. erv606: “i watch little man before at night”
  3. xlawspawsx: “it well funi this lol i watch it in skl”
  4. hippimomippi: “i’ve seen dat movie”
  5. 98814856: “white chiks is better”

YouTube Comments: Norbit

12 06 2009


Hmm, I wonder if anyone has any dumb shit to say about Norbit on YouTube. Probably not, but let’s see anyway.

  1. Andonion: “but i aint mad at him heeey thats so fun to say just say it heey”
  2. charmedsfan: “oh my god!!!! tis is so funny!!! haha…. but sometimes i saw the fat eddie murphy.. i feel like wan to vomit…..haha”
  3. solman2singer: “i saw the moovie today is the movie funny or wat it is halarious eddie murphy is fucking funny”
  4. karencobain: “jajajajaja”
  5. zajirreauna: “How You Durin…….”

YouTube Comments: David Cook

8 06 2009

david cook

I don’t really know too much about this guy but I’m hoping that the people on YouTube will be able to help me learn a little bit more about him. Here we go.

  1. pcmntitans: “i like yogurt”
  2. markymarkbb: “great singer also a physic awesome”
  3. Ashaangelpooh: “just luf this guy.. ma top 3!! he is awesome amazingly c00l with that awesome voice he hav”
  4. MonkeyLove4Eve: ”
    he got gina dreams of running away wrong that comes l8er in the song its gina works the dinner all day…he didnt realy knoe the song…lol!!!!!!but david cook is pretty kool…i liked david archuleta…i kinda felt a lil bad 4 him becausehe is so young and singing is like his dream.”
  5. mystro810: “You think You know more about Led Zeppelin than I do? You think you appreciate music more than I do?You are NOT a true Led Zeppelin fan. You being on earth longer than me is not a barometer for measuring the value of ones opinion. Music is my lifes passion and I will not stand idly by and watch it be defined by a bunch of glorified karaoke singers. I will spread my gospel through music and opinions of my own.And I dont need to bash American Idol to feel superior to its contestants and fans”

YouTube Comments: Ashton Kutcher

7 06 2009

Ashton Kutcher

Today’s post of the YouTube Comments segment is a test to see what I can search for on YouTube and still find horrendous comments. Feel free to leave any topics in the comment section for future posts for YouTube Comments. Here we go.

  1. Alenuchka1973: “It the surprising person, I respect with its and its family,”
  2. larserikhp: “are u a fucking retard?! Ashton Kutcher is just the coolest! you’re just a little loser who is jealous.. Many people who are celebrities are just normal people! drink beer, eat, poop, get drunk, meet friends.. grow up kid!”
  3. omareiah: “Ash ! Is this Ashton channel ? teel me”
  4. mikey9t8t3: “i signed up for twitter but dont understand it”
  5. NESSJAFG: “SIMS 3!!!”

YouTube Comments: The Stanky Leg

6 06 2009

stanky leg

The stanky leg is the new dance craze sensation that’s sweeping the nation! So, if you’re still crankin’ that you gotta step your game up old man. Let’s see what people on YouTube have to say about it.

  1. WHOIIZDOUGHBOII: “fuck it everything is changing iidc about music n e more iidk y people are all pissed off ova music liike if you can do better come out with your own shiit….songsz creatiive”
  2. stephenlequiretn: “duh have an life”
  3. chevysandgirls: “thats my cusan”
  4. btf1995: “im listening to this through my Wii internet”
  5. elvis4629: “nice raptors”

YouTube Comments: Jonas Brothers

5 06 2009


Hold my hand, I’m scared. Today I’m going right into the belly of the beast and finding the top 5 Jonas Brothers related YouTube comments.

  1. RimshaAli: “I wish millions of Joe I would die! I love joe!”
  2. ElizaRad: “why kevin never sing ????”
  3. cavalier619: “omg ! omg ! jonas brothers !!!! im gonna squirt !”
  4. justmorethanit: “i want one of that kevin’s clones ♥ IASDHAUAIAHAUSH”
  5. AllieMarker02: “HATERS:
    You got a problem with The Jonas Brothers? Solve it.
    You think The Jonas Brothers are tripping? Tie their shoes.
    You cant stand The Jonas Brothers? Sit down.
    You can’t face The Jonas Brothers? Turn around.
    5% of teens would be happy if The Jonas Brothers were standing on the edge of a building ready to jump, copy and paste if your part of the 95% yelling “don’t jump, we love you!!!!!!” THE JONAS BROTHERS ROCK !!! ♥
    I am obsessed with this song if you are too copy&paste”