21 08 2009

Who doesn’t enjoy a good (or decent) dick joke?


Sushi Commercial

20 08 2009

“You know what sake do!”

Hand Thing

18 08 2009

Here’s a nice tall glass of WTF.

Re: Explosive Diarrhea

10 08 2009

A blind creep wants to hear you poop. I discovered this one via Encyclopedia Dramatica. Obviously, this is not safe for work.

Omazing Grace

7 08 2009

This is one well beyond the threshold of what I like to post (over 1 million views), but what the hell.

Slipknot – I Walk Alone

24 07 2009

I can’t get enough of watching these videos on YouTube lately. Also, the guy who made this also wrote some pretty cool songs.

Murder Your Memory

9 07 2009

This is the most violent way to improve your memory. This video comes from Everything Is Terrible’s “Creep” section.