Do you only post a video or a picture to not have to write a proper article?
Not really. I’ve carefully picked out and stand behind every song, comedy video, etc. that I post here. For everything I post, there are countless other things I find that just don’t make the cut. In many ways, Fine Filter is kind of like a scrapbook of my favorite Internet memories.

What do you look for in a band or song before recommending them?
After being very picky for years about what kind of music I enjoy listening to, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the following criteria:

  • Honesty: To me this just means that the most important thing to the artist is writing great music. They can be #1 on Billboard or some lunatic with a tape recorder. If the artist sacrifices musical integrity for any reason, I stop listening pretty quickly.
  • Catchyness: In most cases, I need to hear something that will stick in my head.
  • Genre: Any genre is fair game. I really don’t care for country music, but I’ve found some great country tunes that I’ve listened to for years.
  • Diversity: My favorite kind of artist is one that can consistently explore new styles of music, while still maintaining a trademark sound. The first two artists that come to mind that can do this for me are Kool Keith and John Frusciante.

How often are new posts made?
As frequently as I can post them. I am however about 13 hours ahead of United States Eastern Standard Time so most new posts will be made at 6am EST.

Can I submit other stuff for review?
Sure. Just email thenationalpool@gmail.com with whatever it is, be it a website, YouTube video, podcast, or whatever. Feel free to send me whatever you think is cool.

Any other questions?
Just email them to thenationalpool@gmail.com and I should be able to get back to you.


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