The Global Music Project – The List

25 08 2009


Here is a comprehensive list of every country, artist, and genre that I’ve covered so far on The Global Music Project.

  • Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh / Artist: Drumlinezz / Genre : Jazzy Drum & Bass
  • Country: Taipei, Taiwan / Artist: Waa Wei / Genre : Acoustic-Pop
  • Country: Turin, Italy / Artist: Diarmonia Mundi / Genre : Metalcore
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland / Artist: Delay Trees / Genre : Mellow-Pop-Rock
  • Country: Switzerland / Artist: Reverend Beat Man / Genre : Psycho-billy
  • Country: Poland / Artist: Rotofobia / Genre : Electronic-Garage-Art-Rock
  • Country: Luanda, Angola / Artist: MC Kapa / Genre : Politically-charged Hip-Hop
  • Country: Berlin, Germany / Artist: Golden Disko Ship / Genre : Ambient/Glitch
  • Country: Brazil / Artist: Felguk / Genre : Electro-House
  • Country: Mali / Artist: Tinariwen / Genre : Roots-Rock/Blues
  • Country: Russia / Artist: Yago-E-Aboo / Genre : Futuristic-Rock
  • Country: Norway / Artist: Magnus Eliassen / Genre : Acoustic-Soul

The Global Music Project: Introduction

5 06 2009

I have decided to do something of an experiment and find an artist worth checking out from every country on planet Earth. Once I find someone worth writing about, I’ll then post it to the blog. To accomplish this I’ll mainly be using Myspace, but other websites are certainly not out of the question.

Here are a few guidelines as to how I’ll do it:

  • The main tool I’ll be using to find the artists is Myspace. This may however prove to be insanely difficult because a lot of jackoffs like to say that their shitty emo band is from Togo or Sri Lanka or something.
  • Any genre is up for grabs. In fact, the stranger the better.
  • I’ll only be writing about artists that I think are truly worth recommending. I won’t just be writing about the first artist I find.
  • Any record label situation is ok, be it Indie, Major, or Unsigned.
  • I won’t be writing about any artists that I already know of.


Craig Morgan – International Harvester

5 09 2008

Here is the video for Craig Morgan’s “International Harvester.” Please enjoy it in the most ironic way possible.

Note: Mr. Morgan decided to disable embedding so just click the link. It’s also fun to sing “I’m a goddamn motherfuckin’ combine driver!”