Hermigervill – Global Music Project (Iceland)

30 08 2009


Hermigervill [er*muh*Gair*vill] is a one man electronic act from Reykjavík, Iceland that does it all from playing every instrument on his albums to deftly handling a variety of genres including House, Hip-Hop, and Trip-Hop. He currently has two self-released full-length records, entitled Sleepwork and Lausnina, available for free through his website, with several more apparently in the works. To date, he’s worked with a number of Icelandic musicians and tours as frequently as possible.

Hermigervill’s music is nothing if not diverse. From song to song, styles switch with such ease that the uninformed might assume that they’re listening to a homemade mixtape from a friend. Songs like “Army Of Them (Remix)” sound like a smoked-out Kanye B-Side while others like “Sveitin Milli Sanda” and “Blame It On Gray” are perfect specimens of Trip-Hop and hard-rocking House, respectively. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t seem overly intentional or labored. He’s simply an artist that likes to experiment and does it rather well.

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The Global Music Project – The List

25 08 2009


Here is a comprehensive list of every country, artist, and genre that I’ve covered so far on The Global Music Project.

  • Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh / Artist: Drumlinezz / Genre : Jazzy Drum & Bass
  • Country: Taipei, Taiwan / Artist: Waa Wei / Genre : Acoustic-Pop
  • Country: Turin, Italy / Artist: Diarmonia Mundi / Genre : Metalcore
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland / Artist: Delay Trees / Genre : Mellow-Pop-Rock
  • Country: Switzerland / Artist: Reverend Beat Man / Genre : Psycho-billy
  • Country: Poland / Artist: Rotofobia / Genre : Electronic-Garage-Art-Rock
  • Country: Luanda, Angola / Artist: MC Kapa / Genre : Politically-charged Hip-Hop
  • Country: Berlin, Germany / Artist: Golden Disko Ship / Genre : Ambient/Glitch
  • Country: Brazil / Artist: Felguk / Genre : Electro-House
  • Country: Mali / Artist: Tinariwen / Genre : Roots-Rock/Blues
  • Country: Russia / Artist: Yago-E-Aboo / Genre : Futuristic-Rock
  • Country: Norway / Artist: Magnus Eliassen / Genre : Acoustic-Soul

Magnus Eliassen – Global Music Project (Norway)

25 08 2009


Magnus Eliassen is an independent acoustic-pop artist from Norway with soul to spare. Aside from being a model for DIY done right, his new album, Second Grace, is equal parts contemplative, charming, and sensuous. Considering just how good it sounds, it’s also quite surprising that he recorded the whole thing at his grandparents’ house. After performing around 100 shows around Europe, many of them sold out, and some press adding up, it seems that Magnus might be fast on his to way to becoming a force in indie music. That is, if he’s worried about that kind of thing.

One of Magnus’ strong suits is certainly the consistency in his music. Each song is an instantly enjoyable journey into earnest and soulful-coffee house territory with a irresistibly deep clap-along back-beat and lyrics that laud the joys of love. It should also be noted that all of the lyrics are sung in English, which is no small feat considering that Norwegian is the national language. There is also a subtle undercurrent of a Latin influence as well which is brought out by the use of castanets, staccato guitar, and the occasional odd time signature. Although currently promoting himself as a solo artist by name, he is also joined by three other musicians who masterfully help see his vision to fruition.

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Tinariwen – Global Music Project (Mali)

15 08 2009


After finding ten incredibly unique artists from ten different countries for the Global Music Project, I think that a pattern is really starting to emerge. That pattern being that the more third-world the country, the better the music and the less time it takes to find a group worth writing about. For instance, yesterday I spent all of about two hours scouring artists of damn near every genre in Australia and although I came across some interesting music, I didn’t find anything that I felt comfortable recommending. Today it only took about 10 minutes before I found a great group from Mali called Tinariwen.

The overarching theme of their music is mostly the “World music” vibe that you would expect from a group from the deserts of Africa. Their songs range from chugging African rhythms as found on “Cler Achel ” to quiet and contemplative as found on their song entitled “Izarharh Tenere.” However, a closer listen reveals a diverse set of influences and artistic direction. In between traditional African instruments and vocal stylings, one can also find Santana-like guitar tones and spaced-out Hendrix-style lead lines as exemplified on “Assouf.”

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Felguk – Global Music Project (Brazil)

10 08 2009


It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between actual good House music and some dink cranking out random 4-on-the-floor trash from his bedroom. Sure, good music is good music, but I feel like House in particular has a wider breadth of what is acceptable, even when it comes to Internet radio airplay. In most cases it seems as though artists will just throw some randoms keys in and mix it with a semi-sultry female vocal and bam. There’s your new song. However, one surefire way to be sure that you’ve found a truly special House artist is if you can’t help but dance in your office chair while writing a blog post…which I’m doing.

Welcome to the world of Felguk, a Brazilian Electro-House group that I absolutely can not stop listening to. The group tours frequently and consists of Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky. They are current signed to the indie labels Plasmapool & BugEyed Records and have released a ton of albums and EPs which are available for purchase here.

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Golden Disko Ship – Global Music Project (Germany)

5 08 2009

Golden Disko Ship 2

Golden Disko Ship is an ambient/glitch solo artist named Theresa from Berlin, Germany. In the six songs currently available on her Myspace page you can expect to find a wide range of instruments including guitar, toys, viola, and glockenspiel. She appears to tour around Europe quite frequently so if you’re in the area you might be able to catch her. She isn’t currently signed to a label, but you can order CDs directly from her.

One of the most unique traits of Golden Disko Ship lies in their use of subtle surprises. Many of the songs feature short instrumental sections followed by a sudden burst of unintelligable lyrics in makeshift melodies and then an abrupt return to the instrumental. One of the stand-out tracks that demonstrates this is the digitally-chopped and acoustically haunting “you blurry dream,” which utilizes meditative repeating lyrics that remind me of “Forever Away” by John Frusciante.

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Rotofobia – Global Music Project (Poland)

4 07 2009


Rotofobia is a three piece electronic-garage-rock group from Warsaw, Poland. They have a dark and dirty sound that is effortlessly hip, and yet is still enjoyable without seeming like you’re trying to impress everyone by having an exotic taste in music. The group is currently unsigned, tours extensively around Poland, and appears to have self-released one album so far. They also seem to have garnered quite a bit of press for themselves.

As far as the make up of their sound goes, the guitars lean heavily toward a droning and drugged out sound with high lead lines coated with delay. Arkus, the drummer, keeps the beats a little dancy which lightens the mood quite a bit from what would otherwise be an overly depressing sound. However, one of the things that really completes the Rotofobia sound is that most of the bass lines are played on a gnarling synthesizer. This, more than any other aspect of their instrumentation, fills out any empty space in their sound and makes them simultaneously contemporary and incredibly unique.

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