The Global Music Project – The List

25 08 2009


Here is a comprehensive list of every country, artist, and genre that I’ve covered so far on The Global Music Project.

  • Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh / Artist: Drumlinezz / Genre : Jazzy Drum & Bass
  • Country: Taipei, Taiwan / Artist: Waa Wei / Genre : Acoustic-Pop
  • Country: Turin, Italy / Artist: Diarmonia Mundi / Genre : Metalcore
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland / Artist: Delay Trees / Genre : Mellow-Pop-Rock
  • Country: Switzerland / Artist: Reverend Beat Man / Genre : Psycho-billy
  • Country: Poland / Artist: Rotofobia / Genre : Electronic-Garage-Art-Rock
  • Country: Luanda, Angola / Artist: MC Kapa / Genre : Politically-charged Hip-Hop
  • Country: Berlin, Germany / Artist: Golden Disko Ship / Genre : Ambient/Glitch
  • Country: Brazil / Artist: Felguk / Genre : Electro-House
  • Country: Mali / Artist: Tinariwen / Genre : Roots-Rock/Blues
  • Country: Russia / Artist: Yago-E-Aboo / Genre : Futuristic-Rock
  • Country: Norway / Artist: Magnus Eliassen / Genre : Acoustic-Soul

Top 5 Unfunny College Humor Articles

22 08 2009

College Humor

In my constant search for online entertainment, I spend a lot of time on your typical comedy sites like The Onion, Cracked, etc. I then remembered that I haven’t been to College Humor in quite sometime and decided I should see what’s been happening over there lately. Obviously, I was not impressed so I decided to include you in some of my misery. And, as is par for the course with daily comedy websites, I decided to make it a “Top 5 List” for no apparent reason.

1. My Filthy, Stinking Roommate: Some classless D-bag just scans a couple letters from his college RA that he found in reference to how his old roommate smelled bad. I suppose the punchline is that the guy stinks? Perhaps it’s been awhile since I was in college, but I would think that with all the rampant STDs, mind-bending psychedelics, and Dave Matthews Band that a little body odor might not be all that big of a deal. (link)

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