The Global Music Project – The List

25 08 2009


Here is a comprehensive list of every country, artist, and genre that I’ve covered so far on The Global Music Project.

  • Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh / Artist: Drumlinezz / Genre : Jazzy Drum & Bass
  • Country: Taipei, Taiwan / Artist: Waa Wei / Genre : Acoustic-Pop
  • Country: Turin, Italy / Artist: Diarmonia Mundi / Genre : Metalcore
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland / Artist: Delay Trees / Genre : Mellow-Pop-Rock
  • Country: Switzerland / Artist: Reverend Beat Man / Genre : Psycho-billy
  • Country: Poland / Artist: Rotofobia / Genre : Electronic-Garage-Art-Rock
  • Country: Luanda, Angola / Artist: MC Kapa / Genre : Politically-charged Hip-Hop
  • Country: Berlin, Germany / Artist: Golden Disko Ship / Genre : Ambient/Glitch
  • Country: Brazil / Artist: Felguk / Genre : Electro-House
  • Country: Mali / Artist: Tinariwen / Genre : Roots-Rock/Blues
  • Country: Russia / Artist: Yago-E-Aboo / Genre : Futuristic-Rock
  • Country: Norway / Artist: Magnus Eliassen / Genre : Acoustic-Soul

Maru – Insane Youth

14 06 2009

Here is Maru’s “Insane Youth” performed by a guy in what I think is Fukuoka, Japan. Not totally sure on that. I really like the melodies towards the end of this clip.

You can check out Maru’s Myspace page here. The full studio version of the song is here, I just thought the street scene was a bit cooler.


12 06 2009

For immediate release!!!1!SHIFT1

This is so far beyond the popularity threshold for Fine Filter, but I have to post this here.

The Global Music Project: Introduction

5 06 2009

I have decided to do something of an experiment and find an artist worth checking out from every country on planet Earth. Once I find someone worth writing about, I’ll then post it to the blog. To accomplish this I’ll mainly be using Myspace, but other websites are certainly not out of the question.

Here are a few guidelines as to how I’ll do it:

  • The main tool I’ll be using to find the artists is Myspace. This may however prove to be insanely difficult because a lot of jackoffs like to say that their shitty emo band is from Togo or Sri Lanka or something.
  • Any genre is up for grabs. In fact, the stranger the better.
  • I’ll only be writing about artists that I think are truly worth recommending. I won’t just be writing about the first artist I find.
  • Any record label situation is ok, be it Indie, Major, or Unsigned.
  • I won’t be writing about any artists that I already know of.


Just Hear It

4 06 2009


Just Hear It is a site that strips down YouTube to it’s most basic functions so you can listen to the content a little easier. I really like sleekness of the site and the general color scheme they use. You can also drag songs from the list to add to a custom playlist.

Although Just Hear It is an interesting and useful site, there are some strange things about it. One of the things I find a bit odd about it is that it still plays the video for the songs you choose. My initial thought was that part of what made Just Hear It unique is the fact that you just…hear…it. There also seems to be some issues with site load-up on occasion.

Just Hear It is also still in a private beta form, but most of the basic functionality is still there. Once again, the link to the site is here.

Cheeseburger – Tiger

4 06 2009

Here is a pretty cool video for the song “Tiger” by Cheeseburger. The song itself is decent, but this band has a great style and swagger that makes up for anything else they’re lacking.

Tone Matrix

2 06 2009


Tone Matrix is a 16-step sequencer that generates a tone for each white block on the grid. It’s essentially one repeating measure of a 4/4 beat divided into 16 parts. In plain English, it’s an awesome and easy to use site that will have you entertained for quite some time. The tones sound very soothing so it takes awhile for them to get old, even when the measure repeats quickly.

When I first visited the site, I spent a couple minutes to organize the tones into a cool sequence and it worked great. The second time I just rolled the mouse over the blocks clicking randomly and it was equally as awesome. My only criticism is that it needs a reset button. However, you can solve this by hitting refresh on your browser. It would also be nice to be able to export the sequences into .wav or .mp3 files or make longer sequences. But even taking that into consideration, I still think this is a phenomenal site.