Disarmonia Mundi – Global Music Project (Italy)

18 06 2009

Disarmonia Mundi

Disarmonia Mundi is a three-piece melodic metalcore group from Turin, Italy and these guys are no fucking joke. The band consists of Ettore, Claudio, and Speed and the group is currently signed to indie label Coroner Records. I’m not sure as to whether or not they are known in America yet, but I would assume they would have a sizable following in the states. To date, the group has released five albums, the latest of which is entitled The Isolation Game and is due out sometime this year.

Their sound is a frantic mix of speed metal chords and lead lines, catchy hooks, and an incredibly tight rhythm section. One of their strong suits lies in their vocal diversity. Upon first listen it may just sound like screaming, but if you delve deeper you can hear a melodic style similar to CKY or System Of A Down, the syncopated growl of Pantera, and the ability to quickly switch between several singing styles found in groups like Killswitch Engage.

According to their Wikipedia page, the vocal duties are split up between all three members which is interesting, especially when playing such fast and intricate songs. It also seems that the group has undergone erratic line up and stylistic changes over the years, but they always seem to bounce back. After listening to a good amount of their catalog, I can say that no matter what avenue they decide to purse, it should be a refreshing take on the metalcore genre.

What I really like about Disarmonia Mundi and the genre as a whole is that the artists, at least in my opinion, walk a delicate line between writing catchy yet brutal choruses. As much as I enjoy listening to metal, I do need to have it slightly sugar coated for me to keep listening for more than 10 minutes. When a band can effectively write songs that don’t lean too far in either of those directions, it’s always a treat for me.

Here is the official video for their song “Celestial Furnace.”




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