Delay Trees – Global Music Project (Finland)

20 06 2009

Delay Trees

While browsing through the list of the top bands from Finland I found some decent ones that I probably could have written about, many of which have been getting some serious press in the American blog scene. Although they were interesting for a few minutes, I didn’t find anything that I would actually want to listen to after writing the article until I came across Delay Trees. They are an unsigned mellow melodic-pop four-piece from the Helsinki area in Finland and I can’t stop listening to them.

Their music features relaxed yet steady beats, soft and contemplative vocals, and spacious arrangements. Despite the leisurely pacing of their songs, it seems that they’ve also managed to keep the overall vibe of their music upbeat for the most part by throwing in plenty of ups and downs along the way. Unlike some other bands, they also know when and when not to take it up a notch like on the end of “Tarantula.”

Further adding to the dreamy feeling of their music is the tendency of the vocalist to use haunting “Oohs” and “Ahhs” towards the end of their songs. Although not a staple of their sound, from time to time they also include some atmospheric elements such as reverbed guitar feedback and spacey glitch sounds. If I had to compare the Delay Trees sound to anything else I’ve heard before, I’d say it would sound like Travis if they were produced by Tucker Martine.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if these guys get picked up by an indie label soon. They’re too good not to have somebody put their music out there. Judging by their Myspace page, it appears as though they tour occasionally and they’ve also been getting some good press lately. After listening to their music for the past couple days, I’d say my favorite song is “Moving” which can be found on their Myspace page.

Here are some links: Myspace / Official Website / iTunes

Here a song called “Tarantula” from their debut 7-track album entitled “Soft Construction EP.” The album is available at Amazon and iTunes.




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